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Dear Heart

If love is a choice to be made (and it is), and if love is a verb to be executed (and it is), then I can simply choose not to do it! I have not fallen into love as if helpless. I am not helpless. I am not governed by my heart. My fate has not been decided because of who I chose to love in the past. I am not eternally bound to those persons. I can choose to love again. Affection, fondness, nostalgia…are not love. Those are feelings. I am not prisoner to feelings and I am not victim to love.


Note to heart: Hello dear. Listen, we <3 you and everything, but you don’t run the show here. We’ll bring you in for consulting from time to time, but make no mistake….brain is the head honcho ‘round here. Don’t take offense. It’s just that you tend to be kind of deceptive, and more than a little irrational. We value your input but won’t be making major decisions based solely upuon it. Don’t stop doing what you do. Don’t grow bitter and hard. Stay vulnerable. Stay soft. We’ll guard you. 

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